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Continuous Availability

No User Downtime. Period

Every business, large or small, relies on information technology to underpin its operations. IT delivers competitive edge and business differentiation and, in today’s Internet economy, customers and business partners use these systems around the clock. Both inside and outside the company, users expect applications to be available and reliable.

In the face of severe threats such as storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, or even mundane power or component failures or even regular system upgrades and maintenance, the burden increases to ensure that business services are always available. You need to flip a proverbial switch and get up and running elsewhere.

Providence Solutions has selected Neverfail technology to deliver an integrated continuous availability solution for end to end protection of business services regardless of any threat to uptime.

Neverfail’s IT Continuity Engine is designed to keep users continuously connected to their critical applications in the face of any threat to system availability. From single servers to complex applications and complete datacenter installations, it is the only business continuity software focused on eliminating the risk of downtime before it can impact an enterprise or the business-critical applications end-users depend on.

IT Continuity Engine combines full range of technologies required to deliver on the promise of continuous availability for Tier-1 business services. With support for both physical and virtual environments, deep application awareness, real time health monitoring and run time system remediation, multi-tier application groups protection, failover/failback automation, in built data replication, cross platform support, and WAN acceleration it provides unparalleled protection against both local and site-wide failures.

With Neverfail technology watching over their business critical applications, our customers sleep easier at night knowing that their applications are protected against downtime.


Protect any application, any platform and no single point of failure

  • Unparalleled protection for critical applications with near-zero application downtime and data loss.
  • Deep knowledge of the application layer enables proactive monitoring for application failure signatures that can allow a sick application to be fixed before it fails.Unified protection coverage against application, server, network, storage, or complete site failures in a single solution
  • Expedited failover of any arbitrary collection of application components spread across multiple servers
  • Continuous availability and disaster recovery across any type of workload on any infrastructure – physical, virtual or cloud
  • Flexible topology options for extended redundancy. Engine-protected application clusters can be spread across up to 3 redundant nodes.
  • Rapid failover to another geographical location or in the Cloud in the event of site-level disaster
  • Operate in fail safe environment for server migrations, system upgrades and planned maintenance with minimal risk and no user downtime.
  • Built in replication eliminates data loss with RTOs of less than a minute and near-zero RPOs. Reduce costs associated with expensive storage replication software.
  • WAN acceleration technology significantly reduces network bandwidth requirements– by up to 80%.
  • Extend virtualization and IT investments by complimenting and extending native high availability and disaster recovery capabilities from VMware and Microsoft​

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