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Information2 Software

Information2 Software Inc. is a leading vendor in the industry, which is dedicated to providing Disaster Recovery and High Availability solution with the unique real-time data replication, continuous data protection technology, the company provides business continuous protection and rapid recovery for the data and application of various enterprises in physical / virtual / cloud platform. Through relevant product solutions and professional services, customers can execute reliable protection and implement rapid recovery operation to various key service data and application programs on Windows and Linux platforms in the physical / virtual / cloud environment.

The key product of the company is i2COOPY, i2Availability, i2CDP, i2Cloud, i2Move and i2Box.
i2COOPY is designed for data replication based on the three feature: byte level, online and real-time supporting NFS, NTFS, EXT2/3 etc.
i2Availability is designed for the data replication and high availability, working with i2COOPY, i2Availability can support failover and failback between different workload.
i2CDP is designed for continual data protection, with byte level replication technology, i2CDP capture and store all the byte level data changes in the CDP server, users can recover from any point of historical data.
i2Cloud is the cloud based solution for Enterprise to run an cloud DR business. It is designed for operating cloud SaaS vendor, include rating, user management, i2Cloud can be used to run cloud business e.g.
i2Move is designed to move the whole OS from physical / virtual / cloud to another physical / virtual / cloud online.
i2Box is an appliance bundled with NAS product providing all-in-one solutions, for real-time backup solution.