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SIOS Solutions

Introducing SIOS Solutions

Innovative software solutions that provide application availability and disaster protection for Windows and Linux environments.

Build clusters your way. Useexisting SAN or in a #SANLess configuration that uses only local storage. Choice of industry standard hardware and wide array of storage devices, including direct attached SCSI, ISCSI, Fibre Channel and more. Standby servers can be either local or remote, supporting both local high availability and disaster recovery configurations.

Protect data with real-time replication. Fast, efficient block level replication of all data and critical meta-data delivers high availability within a LAN, and disaster recovery across a WAN. Achieve optimal throughput regardless of the speed or latency of the link with integrated WAN acceleration.

Innovative performance tuning. Balance network bandwidth and CPU utilisation for each application to best meet your business objective. Point-in-time access to run reports from a secondary node, implies better performance for your primary node, while giving you faster queries, better resource utilization and a more satisfying end user experience.

Fast, easy application and DR testing. Administrators can easily switch applications to the test platform or disaster recovery site for testing and then switch it back to the primary site when testing is done with minimal impact to your production network.

Eliminate downtime for planned maintenance. Switchover applications and services between systems manually to eliminate downtime associated with planned system maintenance.

Reduce administrative burden. Automate data replication tasks using an intuitive data management GUI and eliminate complexities of SAN administration

Protecting applications in a Cloud. Real-time data replication and automatic failover of application instances across availability zones provides protection you need to run business critical applications in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 cloud without sacrificing performance, availability, or disaster recovery.