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SIs & MSPs

Deliver trusted solutions to your clients

Systems Integrators large and small are increasingly dealing with highly complex network designs that incorporate network products and services from a broad and diverse range of vendors, especially in the area of business continuity and disaster recovery. SIs more than ever need to keep their projects profitable while providing a high quality and consistent standard. They also need to find the time to keep pace with the latest information on network vendors’ products, services and design guidelines. Providence Solutions makes life that little bit easier for System Integrators.

We’re the first place-to-go for expert knowledge on all things “availability”. Our deep business expertise and holistic approach allows us to identify correct availability need for each component and design the best-fit solutions that deliver the right business continuity outcomes

Our trusted solutions are chosen by System Integrators because:

  • We bring the latest in resilient strategies and technologies ensuring your continuous computing needs are met
  • Our solutions protect anything from a single point application to the overall IT environment
  • Cutting-edge technology achieves high levels of availability at low cost
  • Simplicity of the underlying technology makes them easy to deploy and maintain
  • Our scalable solutions have a wide application and can be deployed on commodity hardware within the existing IT infrastructure
  • Technology compatible with Windows & Linux platforms
  • Our qualified consultants work in partnership for a seamless implementation and professional on-going support
  • With more than ten years’ experience across the Asia Pacific region, we work to the highest standards of service for every customer