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Supporting you and your clients all the way

We work closely with system integrators and IT consultants to design robust, scalable and cost effective availability and disaster recovery frameworks that guarantee their client service level agreements and deliver the right business continuity outcomes.

With years of experience we are qualified to guide our clients through all their business continuity needs from providing trusted advice to implementing resilient availability framework

Using the Providence Solutions holistic approach our consultants work with you to:

  • Assess the correct availability tiering for each application and overall IT environment
  • Identify linkages of the application eco-systems
  • Design best-fit availability framework
  • Our qualified consultants and engineers provide technical training and professional support to ensure a smooth implementation. We are also more than happy to do the system implementation on your behalf
  • Pre & Post Sales Support – our technicians and consultants are on hand to provide any advice that you might need
  • System maintenance